7 Secrets of People Who Get Enough Sleep

We all know that a good night’s sleep has numerous benefits for the body, mind and even appearance. Getting enough sleep is so important because it allows the mind and body to rest and re-charges the brain ready for another busy day ahead. Sleep experts at snoring disorder centresrecommend between six and eight hours of sleep each night, but in society’s busy climate, just how do people manage it?

1.       See sleep as ‘me time’

One of the main reasons people stay up later than they should is because they’ve spent all day dealing with family and/or work demands. We see night time as ‘me time’, in which we watch TV, read or surf the internet for longer than we probably should. To get a good night’s sleep, we need to change this mindset. Embrace your bedtime ritual as me-time and then it still feels like you’re enjoying yourself even though you’re going to bed.

2.       Embrace your dreams

We dream most vividly during REM sleep. Dreaming is important for creativity and memory formation and people who sleep well are more aware of their dreams and welcome them – even the scary ones!

3.       Forgive sleepless nights

We all have a bad night’s sleep every now and then and factors such as drinking caffeine close to your usual bedtime can affect how long it takes you to get to sleep. But one bad night’s sleep is not the end of the world. Rather than worrying about the effect it will have on your performance during the day, just accept it and you’ll get back on track.

4.       Create two bedtimes

Choose a time in which you’ll start to wind down and turn off anything that causes you stress. The next bedtime after this should be lights out, the time when you actually go to bed. For example, you could begin your wind down time at 10pm, and go to sleep at 10:30. You should gradually become sleepier the more you wind down and having a routine each night will remind your mind and body that it’s time for sleep.

5.       Create two wake-up times

This does not mean hitting the snooze button! If you go to sleep gradually, you’ll wake up gradually as well. Linger for a minute or two immediately after waking and try to remember your dreams and when the grogginess has lifted, get up and get going.

6.       Take melatonin supplements

Prescription sleeping tablets are often overused, but melatonin supplements are useful as they help let the body know it’s time to sleep on a nightly basis.

7.       Make yourself tired

Physical exercise during the day will make you more likely to feel tired at night. It’s a lot easier to get to sleep if you’re actually tired, and being tired also calms down that nagging worrying voice that so often keeps us from being able to sleep at night.


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